About Grayce's unique shop in Patagonia, AZ

Grayce Noteboom Arnold


In 1948 Grayce, from Philadelphia, PA, set off on a great adventure in La Tortuga with two children and husband, John, who was hired to write the first Motor Tour Guide, published in 1953. The  family's journey through Mexico inspired Grayce to become an artist and entrepreneur, ultimately in the mountains of Patagonia, AZ, where she heralded the transition from pick and shovel mining to art and tourism.

Grayce's - Four decades in business


In 1978 Grayce Arnold transformed the old miner's house built in 1905 into home and business, which thrived until her passing at 97. The Shop is now overseen by her son John, who, like Grayce, provides economic opportunity to local and indigenous artisans from Mexico to Africa by making their intricate and highly skilled hand-worked craft available to the public. 

Mata Ortiz & Much More


At Grayce's you will find history, fine artistry, the original and unique, affordable and  transportable. Mata Ortiz from Casa Grande, popular Talavera, hand crafts and art from Sonora, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Madagascar, even Tucson! 

Plus non chemical soaps and butters, succulent Medjool dates from Yuma (year round), Killer Bee Honey, and so much more, you'll just have to stop in to see for yourself.

Location and Hours

Grayce's Gift and Candle Shop

260 Naugle Avenue, Patagonia, Arizona 85624, United States

(520) 394-2035

New Days and Hours

Winter/Spring 2020 hours - Friday from 10 to 3, Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5 and most holidays.